About Us

    When we talk about us implicitly we are talking about you also, since you have chosen us or you are about to do so. Please read this section to understand our vision and tell us if our ideas are in line with your spirit. You have the right to do so, we invite you to do so, and we will appreciate it when you do.

    Quality. Democracy. Innovation. These are the principals that brought us together.


    The Glass Code brings together the best of eyewear, because we believe that no one should have the second best when it comes to our eyes.

    Our eyes hold all of our secrets, they first recognize love before our brain can even formulate the word, and will show us the next step in the direction of accomplishing our dreams.

    So no one should walk blind or with subpar quality eyewear. For this reason our selection contains the best and most renowned sunwear brands and the highest quality optical glasses.


    We are small group of longtime friends who has travelled the world and who now has come back to their country of origin: Italy. When we first discussed the idea of launching The Glass Code, we had different opinions on where we wanted to bring it next. But we all shared the same view: it is simply not right that few players dominate the sector keeping high prices by controlling distribution. Beauty should be shared and not be owned by the only few that can afford the elevated price.

    So we strive to bring you the best glasses cutting any unnecessary steps or cost, making them readily available and for a better price. All products are original: they are supplied by optical partners that share our view that wealth can be created without overpricing consumers.


    We can count on possibly the largest innovation team in the industry. Our innovation team is made of YOU, our customers. We invite you to give your input we will adapt accordingly our offers, our web site, or anything else.

    Innovation is also the way we help you selecting your next pair of glasses. We have created 6 different Glass Codes to make your choice more personal and easier.

    You should be you, everyone else is taken.

    Each code is made so you can avoid having to browse numberless products to choose the best fit for you.

    As we said, when we talk about us, we want to have the privilege to include you also in our definition of us, so we encourage you to reach out to us and share your ideas, agreements and disagreements. You can do this by sending an e-mail, call us, or come in person.


    Time to greet you. Use your eyes to recognize the beauty around you, use them to interrupt the urban solitude of the neighbor sitting in the train, and use your eyes to invision the path to your next dream.

    But most of everything, keep your eyes wide open and do not let anyone tell you how you should view the world.


    The Glass Code team