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    A journey becomes unique when you share it with a group of great people. When you share the road with great people, you can get anywhere. Soon enough you realize that the only borders you can't cross are the ones that people erect in their own mind.

    theglasscode.com is not just an e-commerce site, is a project led by a passionate team who shares the same set of values.

    Are you looking to join our team?

    This is what we stand for: 60, 30, 3...

    • 60% of our team are women and we are looking forward to maintaining this ratio. Hey, nothing against you male folks! We are an equal opportunity employer. That said, we believe that it is in the best interest of our team and our customers to make a clear effort here.
    • 30 is the average age of our team. We believe that we can grow together: being inexperienced is not a disadvantage if you have the drive and the willingness to learn.
    • 3 are the good reason why you should join our team, but it’s up to you telling us which they are!

    We always analyse applications that we consider in line with our current needs. Equally we will invest all the needed time to share with you our opinion if, after having reviewed your application, we think it is not yet the right time to continue the dialogue. Please send your applications at jobs@theglasscode.com.  We carefully review all applications and promptly follow up when they match the opportunities we can offer.

    Warm regards,

    The Glass Code team