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    The Italian privacy law governing our site is:

    Informativa art. 13 D. Lgs. 196/2003 and its text can be found there.


    Data owner

    The data controller of this site is Heykon s.r.l..
    Its registered office is in Via E. De Amicis, 53, 20123 Milano, Italy, P.IVA: 08443760965‏. It independently decides on the use, fashion, and security procedures applied to ensure the privacy, integrity, and availability of the data to be found on the website.
    The user has the right to access, correct and/or cancel their personal data as provided by the applicable privacy laws. If a user wishes to modify their data in any way, they must first make a written request and post it to, together with a photocopy of their identity card.


    Mandatory and Optional Consensus

    You may be asked for mandatory or optional personal data when using our website. This is necessary in order to fulfil your specific requests.
    Every time you are asked for details of your personal data your mandatory or optional consensus will be required. You can give your consensus by simply ticking the appropriate box.
    If you do not give your consensus to personal data considered mandatory The Glass Code will not be able to fulfil your request due to the lack of consensus regarding the specific required data collection. This lack of consensus, for example, would make it impossible for The Glass Code to execute a purchase contract or to carry out other services available on
    Non-compliance with optional details has no consequences regarding personal data collection (for example using the website or buying products).
    The USER is responsible for the truth and accuracy of personal data supplied. The Glass Code has the right to refuse service to any user providing false information in order to access our website or use our services.
    The Glass Code assumes the responsibility of keeping all personal data private during and after the period of the user’s contract. The Glass Code will be responsible for the integrity, loss, or non-authorised access to personal data as required by law and our security policy.
    The user gives their consent to receive advertising from The Glass Code concerning products and services offered by The Glass Code or third parties on the condition that the said third parties advertise products related to fashion and similar fields.
    The Glass Code may use cookies on its website. The cookies used on our website are for a specific IP address only and do not provide the name or surname of the user. Cookies allow The Glass Code to identify a registered user’s browser. After registration cookies allow the user to access directly the services provided for them on our site. The cookies used on our site cannot read other cookies from other sites. The user can modify their browser to be notified when a cookie is sent. The user can also refuse cookies altogether or delete cookies that have already been set. Please consult your browser instructions for further details. It is not necessary to consent to the use of cookies in order to use the The Glass Code website.
    If the user does not consent to the use of cookies it will be necessary to log in every time a website service is used.


    Personal Data

    As a user you may be asked to provide your personal details such as name, email, home or work address, and/or telephone number. The Glass Code may also store demographic information such as post codes, age, sex, personal interests, etc. If you decide to buy a product or register, you will be asked additional information such as your credit card number or invoice address. Both of these are required for invoicing. You may also be asked to access certain services using your email address and a password.
    When sending users advertising The Glass Code may use web beacons, links, or similar devices in order to better its services.
    In order to offer our users a more personalized experience while using our website The Glass Code may combine data collection from other parts of its website. The Glass Code may also integrate this information with data from other affiliates.


    Use of Personal Data

    The Glass Code uses personal data to improve our website and services. Personal data is used to better services for the user or to modify the site so that the user need not tap in the same personal data more than once. This not only helps us to improve product availability and update the site, but also enables us to personalize the site’s layout to improve advertising.

    Personal data also helps us to communicate better with our users. It helps us to send special messages to our users such as newsletters, product information, available services, and safety bulletins. And lastly we use personal data to inform our users about products and services available through our affiliates.



    The Glass Code is committed to protecting its users’ personal information. Our company uses a vast range of technologies and safety procedures to ensure that personal data is not accessible to unauthorized parties. For example The Glass Code stores its users’ data in limited access servers in monitored locations.
    The Glass Code suggest you regularly consult this document in order to be constantly updated about our latest privacy policies and procedures.